Bill Smith's Famous Clambakes

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Catered Clambake or a Clambake-to-Go

MINIMUM CHARGE is equal to  20 Adult guests.


The CASUAL CATERED CLAMBAKE is designed for a laid-back, fun party such as family reunions, friendly get-togethers, wedding rehearsal dinners and casual business functions. In spirit, the Casual Catered Clambake is similar to a picnic or a back-yard barbecue with casual seating and buffet style food service.


Complete the request form for a full Estimate which will be emailed to you within a few days. You can print it for your records

Our Minimum Charge for the Casual Catered style is equal to 20 ADULTS


The FULL SERVICE CATERED CLAMBAKE is a perfect choice for wedding receptions, some corporate functions and formal celebrations. The Full Service event uses tables, chairs, linens, china, glassware, metal cutlery, etc. When you want elegance without being stuffy, you want the never-to-be-forgotten Full Service Clambake offered by Bill Smith's Martha's Vineyard Clambake Co
We accept only a limited number of Full Service events. Receiving an Estimate does not assure you of a date or acceptance of a reservation.

Our Minimum Charge for a Full-service Clambake is equal to 30 ADULT Guests

CLAMBAKE-to-GO Pricing

Our Unique CLAMBAKE-TO-GO is a delightfully fun do-it-yourself clambake for friends and family. We prepare everything you need and you pick it up from our commercial kitchen on the afternoon of the day you booked it. Cooking is a simple as boiling water.

Clambakes-to-Go are available for as few as 8 persons